Handy Links

Resources for anyone interested or involved in the court-reporting or legal industry. This list will be updated often, so check back!

National Court Reporters Association – The usual go-to for all things court reporting
NCRA Test Center – Sign up for online testing!
NCRA Code of Professional Ethics – Ever wonder what ethical rules those in our industry have to follow?  Read this!
Ethics First – Find out more about the Ethics First initiative and why Kilby Reporting, Inc., is an Ethics First firm.
Court Reporting: Take Note – Are you interested in being a court reporter, closed-captioner or CART provider?  A great link to learn more about the court reporting profession, search for court reporting
schools, and watch videos on the trade.

Iowa Court Reporters Association – Learn more about ICRA and how they assist and support reporters throughout Iowa.

Illinois Court Reporters Association – Learn more about ILCRA and their work in supporting reporters throughout the State of Illinois.

Iowa Board of Examiners of Shorthand Reporters – Visit this page to read more about how to become certified as a shorthand reporter in the State of Iowa.

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation – Shorthand Reporters – Click here to learn about licensing in Illinois.  Iowa reporters enjoy reciprocity with Illinois; however, the process is long, so plan ahead!

Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting – STAR is a fantastic organization.  My membership has taught me so much.